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DIN Standard

DIN screws made of stainless steel

The world of standards is in motion. Just a few decades ago, DIN screws were the dominant standard. Today, German-speaking countries
also use connecting elements according to international ISO standards and European EN standards. However, that does not mean that
the DIN screw is by any means outdated. DIN standard screws are common in many industries and continue to prove their worth.

Why DIN standard screws are still common

There are two main reasons. Several connecting elements are only available as DIN screws because there is no need for standardization
at European or international level. For example, there is no ISO standard available for raised countersunk wood screws with a slot (DIN 95), semi-circular wood screws with a slot (DIN 96), as well as various spring washers, lock plates, wing screws and wing nuts. These DIN standard screws are often required and, of course, are included in our range. Many DIN standards are still so popular that the ISO or EN standards that have now been introduced do not really succeed in prevailing. After all, many standards have their origins in Germany, including stainless steel DIN screws. For this reason, a lot of users continue to use the DIN designation – even after the DIN standard has officially been withdrawn.


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